Better Beekeeper

So would you like to become a better beekeeper?  All it takes is knowledge and practice.  Each of the four Buckinghamshire Local Association provide training and support to their members.  Please contact your Local Association for details.  If what you seek isn’t available from your own Local Association you may find that a neigbouring Association will let you join them.  This may mean that you need to join them as an Associate Member in addition to your Full Membership of your home Association.

The helpful folk at BeeCraft have generated this graphical summary of what is available.

BBKA Examinations Structure

Two useful links are provided below.  This gives you full details of the BBKA Modules, Courses and Exams.  The second link provides a flowchart of the BBKA training.

Both these links open in new windows. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed to open these PDF files.

BBKA Examinations

BBKA Training Flowchart

Please contact your Local Association Education Officer for more details.