Bee Inspectors

The National Bee Unit provides Bee Inspectors who can be asked to visit your apiary.  As a beekeeper you have an obligation to contact your Bee Inspector if you believe that your bees may be suffering from a notifiable disease.

Click here to goto the NBU listing of Bee Inspectors’ contact details

For ease of reference here are our  Regional and Seasonal Bee Inspectors’ contact details, as listed on the NBU site at the time of writing.

Regional Bee Inspector

Julian Parker
[email protected]
Tel No: 07775 119469

Seasonal Bee Inspectors

Note that the Seasonal Bee Inspectors only provide support during the bee keeping season (April to September inclusive).

Jonathan Palmer Buckinghamshire
[email protected]

Tel No: 07900 405018

VACANCY – Please contact Julian if you’d like to be considered for the role of a Seasonal Bee Inspector in Berkshire.  You don’t need to be located in Berkshire.

Southern Region Annual Report 2016 from The National Bee Unit

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