Bucks County Beekeepers Disease Day 11th August

The Bucks County Beekeepers Association with the support of our Seasonal Bee Inspector, Jonathan Palmer, are running a Bee Disease Day on 11th August at Butlers Cross Village Hall, HP17 0TX. The day has been split into 9 x 1 hour sessions for small groups of up to 10 Bucks Beekeepers, to learn about Honey Bee diseases and to get the chance to see first hand brood diseases such as European and American foulbrood.

If you are a member of a Buckinghamshire Beekeepers Association you are eligible to come along to the event for free, independent of your beekeeping experience.

To register for the event please follow this link to the Eventbrite booking site.

Disease Day Explained

Jonathan has requested from the National Bee Unit, sample frames with brood disease to be available for the Disease Day on 11th August. Assuming there have been detected outbreaks of Notifiable Diseases, we should be able to attain sample frames. We have selected an August date to give a better chance of material being available.

Once you have booked a session by following this Eventbrite link, please ensure you turn up at Butlers Cross Village Hall, HP17 0TX, in a timely manner. The first 30 minutes of the session will be a classroom revision of brood diseases; what causes them, how to recognise them and actions to be taken if suspected. The second 30 minutes will be spent with Jonathan looking at sample frames, hopefully cementing key characteristics in attendees’ minds.

Following the session there will be tea and coffee available and the opportunity to discuss the diseases with other beekeepers.


The first session will start at 9:00 am and the last at 3:15pm. There will be a separate session the County Microscopy Study Group.

Places are limited for the day, so if you book a session and cannot for some reason make it, please cancel your reservation in order to make your place available to another Bucks beekeeper.

For further information please contact Sean Stephenson at [email protected]

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